There are still plenty of new games on their way to keep us garners happy! Most notably is the awesome new shooter seen at the right called R-Type III. No need to worry folks! R-Type Ill has had virtually all of the slowdown removed for better play control. Crank up the stereo because the music is better, too!

Activision has quite a list of surprises, too’ Leave that old Atari 2600 on the shelf because Activision has announced that they will release Super NES conversions of old classics like Kaboom, Pitfall, and River Raid. Other, more recent releases will include an explosive shooter called Bio Metal and a flight simulation game called Super Air Diver.

If sports are your favorite, then Accolade will have you covered with Brett Hull Hockey and Pelé Soccer. Brett Hull is a fast-paced hockey title with Mode 7 effects on the rink and realistic movements of the players. It also has Al Michaels announce the game, toot Pelé Soccer has a unique 3/4 perspective view of the field with multiple play options and supercharged teams.

JVC is putting the finishing touches on their awesome Star Wars sequel to be called Super Empire Strikes Back. It features the familiar cast of Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca as they take on the Imperial Empire through snow covered lands. Luke has new techniques as well.

Ascii has an all new action game coming to the Super NES called Arty Lighttoot. It’s an 8-Meg action game packed with sixteen levels like an ancient set of pyramids and a mysterious cave while combating skeletons and other bizarre creatures!

This is just the beginning of what is to be a great year for the Super NES market. Just wait until the Summer CES show in Chicago.

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