Minecraft Hardcore Tips

With so many ways to die in Minecraft, it seems as though it would be nearly impossible to start a save and go through the normal process without dying at all. However, this is exactly what hardcore mode is because, if you die, the game is over; even if you die by falling into a cave, running into a creeper, or even fighting the Ender Dragon at the end. For those who play Minecraft regularly, hardcore mode is the ultimate test of patience, endurance, and skill. Today, we have some tips to make your time a little easier.



Know When to Flee - In truth, this could be the most important tip you take away from this because knowing when to flee and when to fight will undoubtedly save your life on many occasions. Also, it can be useful to have a block in your hotbar that is easy to place down to barricade yourself in safely or block off enemies.


Don’t Forget Armor - Despite life being so precious in this mode, a shocking amount of people still forget to put on even basic armor. If you want to survive, you should aim to always have iron armor once you have the resources to do so.


Food Bar - Sometimes, regenerating your health may save your life and, to do this, you will need your hunger meter to be full. If this is low and you get into a battle with a skeleton, you will have to run away whilst trying to eat and the whole thing could get rather messy.



Close All Applications - Although this isn't a game tip directly, it can be good to close all other applications on your computer, tablet, or mobile device because this reduces the risk of lag.


Plan - Although this sounds simple, you should always have escape routes in a cave or a place to stay if the sun starts setting with no time to get back to your house. As long as you have a plan, you will be in a great position to succeed.

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